sandpaper flexible abrasive sanding sponge foam roll

Sandpaper Flexible Abrasive Sanding Sponge Foam Roll

Sponge sanding block. This product made of high quality sponge sand and high quality sandpaper, not falling sand. It can be used repeatedly, equivalent to many ordinary sandpapers.Its inside is a sponge structure, especially suitable for grinding arcs and can be well attached to the arc surface when grinding.Besides it can effectively avoid the unevenness caused by ordinary sandpaper grinding

softtouch contour sanding sponge

SoftTouch Contour Sanding Sponge

Superior flexibility; for hand sanding or finishing flat, curved, contoured and hard-to-reach areas on wood, metal, composites, paint and solid surfaces Premium foam substrate provides for an extremely smooth and uniform sanded surface

sanding rolls

Sanding Rolls

Abrasive screen rolls are designed for reduced product clogging when sanding softer materials like plastic, wood, drywall, plaster, brass etc. Our screen mesh rolls will make your project go fast and easy whether working by hand or machine sanding. See the full Screen Rolls range

wallsand single angle sanding sponge

WallSand Single Angle Sanding Sponge

Single angle flexible sanding abrasive is designed for easy gripping to sand hard to reach areas of drywall; Coated 4 sides; Flexible and conformable to shapes and contours making sanding of various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas easier

sanding sponges

Sanding Sponges

Sanding sponges are abrasive-coated foam blocks that can be used in a variety of applications from sanding paint and drywall to deburring, blending and finishing of various materials.

sanding sheets – abrasives' home

Sanding Sheets – ABRASIVES' HOME

ABRASIVES'S HOME is a leading distributor of high-quality industrial abrasives in the world. It produces abrasives with high-quality and favorable prices. We are proud to provide customers with high-quality abrasives at extraordinary prices through the online platform we use. a&h abrasives™ flexible sanding sponges A&H Abrasives™ Flexible sanding sponges

Thick, abrasive foam sponges can sometimes be awkward to use for fine work. These thinner, flexible sanding sponges solve that problem: Sponges are very flexible and can be used wet or dry - rinse clean with water. Definitely the best of the latest innovations in flexible sanding.

sandpaper rolls

Sandpaper Rolls

Sandpaper rolls come in a wide variety of configurations and product types. They offer an economical choice over precut sheets, especially on larger jobs. They can be cut to desired length with remaining roll left for future jobs.

rolls | flexovit abrasives | emea

Rolls | Flexovit Abrasives | EMEA

Non-woven 'slit rolls' for hand applications from cleaning and finishing to deburring and light polishing. ABOUT US Flexovit provides a complete collection of high performance abrasives for cutting, grinding, blending, finishing and polishing, for all industrial applications.

abrasives - uneeda sandpaper

Abrasives - UNEEDA Sandpaper

Abrasives Uneeda offers coated abrasive products for sanding in the woodworking, metalworking, solid surface, stone/marble/granite, automotive & marine industries. Our abrasive products, along with the finest technical support and customer service, will help you reduce sanding costs and provide you with a better sanding experience.